Vanities & More

In designing a functional and efficient room design the furnishings play a very important part. As much as Med Tile is not a custom cabinet or vanity company, the owners have researched and selected a handful of companies that offer quality pre-built cabinetry that would be an excellent solution for most bathroom storage needs. The furniture comes in pre-made sets with matching mirrors and other add-on components, or can be purchased individually to meet a specific need. There are many samples spread throughout the showroom in beautifully detailed vignettes that showcase the beauty and versatility of the styles they offer from two quality manufacturers.

Mediterranean Tile carries tile vanities and more such as Fairmont Designs.

Fairmont Designs Bathroom Vanities & Furniture

Fairmont Designs delivers the special look you desire in bathroom vanities and furnishings. Great care is taken in selecting sustainable materials to the crafting and hand finishing of these high quality masterpieces. Fairmont is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Mediterranean showrooms display a number of different styles, colors, and finishes of the Fairmont collection.

Mediterranean Tile carries vanities and more such as Madeli Vanities.

Madeli Bathroom Vanities

Madeli bathroom vanities are known as for their golden standard in functionality and design. Each vanity is based on function and value along with creativity. With an extensive inventory every bathroom vanity is made available right away. Reliable Blum and Grasshopper hardware is used in every product giving them superior quality. With their modern designs Madeli products fit well in any contemporary setting.

Mediterranean Tile carries vanities and more such as Radiant Heating like NuHeat Mat Flooring.

Radiant Heating:
NuHeat Mat Flooring

Besides vanities and other room furnishings, Med tile offers the finest in floor warming electric mats. Nuheat Mat flooring works as an electric blanket to any tile or stone floor. Nuheat heat output produces 12 watts per sq. ft, which easily can heat most rooms and replace the ugly baseboards and radiators. Installation does not require any ductwork and is totally maintenance free once installed. Revolutionize the way you heat your home with the latest technology in the industry.