Designer Spotlight

Mediterranean Tile’s Designer Spotlight showcases a collection of New Jersey tile design where Mediterranean Tile partnered and worked hand in hand with an independent interior designer, builder or architect to conceptualize, design and execute a tile and stone design project. This relationship between the sales consultant and the trained professional client is successful due to the added knowledge of Mediterranean Tile’s staff. Mediterranean Tile helps elevate the designs through their expert consultation and advice in choosing the perfect size, shape, color and material types, while handling the ordering, delivery and storage of the materials until needed in the construction process. And when ready and needed, delivering a prompt and accurate order/delivery.

Caitlin Rutkay

Valerie Grant


Sandra Funk

Kurt Otto

Diana Weinstein

Anthony Passanante

Tere Bresin

Jodie O'Connor

Katja Van Der Loo

Kingsley Belcher Knauss

Virginia Zonfrilli

Martina Servos

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